About me

My name is Bendiks Westerink, born in 1971 and married with Judith. We have two daughters (born in 2001 en 2003). In my daily life I am a school director on a small school in Kerkwijk. I grew up at the North Veluwe (Oldebroek) and we lived close to a country estate with nice forests. Already as a child I was interested in nature and together with a few friends we started a club to watch birds and wildlife. At the age of eighteen I started with photography. I bought a Nikon FM. However, soon I found out that for me as a student this was difficult (too expensive) to keep doing, so I only took pictures during holidays. When the days of digital photography started I jumped in. At first (in 2000) with a compact camera from Nikon (Nikon coolpix 950). But it really became serious business after I could afford a digital SLR (Nikon D70) in 2006. After a trip to Iceland I was ‘converted’ to nature and landscape photography. I focus on landscape photography in my surroundings (forests of the Veluwe and river area). Photography helps me to enjoy and capture nature, which I believe is created by God. I always try to emphasise on the atmosphere, trying to transfer the feeling I have for the landscape and nature.

Bendiks Westerink